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Anastrozole 1mg x 30ml

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Buy Anastrozole for sale 1mg per ml, 30ml bottles, furthermore all 60ML orders will be sent in two 30ML bottles.

Anastrozole is also known as the following: Arimidex, Adex, ZD-1033

Chemical Structure

Chemical Structure of Anastrozole

Chemical Formula


Molar mass

293.37 g/mol


It is classified as an aromatase inhibitor and an antiestogen.

Buy Anastrozole at PeptidesForSale.net

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laveda Strother
laveda Strother
Has great rc's and peptides.
Dustin Schneiter
Dustin Schneiter
This company is 100% legit. Wish i woukd have found him before the 2 scammers who i came across first. These guys are quick with shipping too
Josh Anthony
Josh Anthony
Best shop online!!
This is the first time I've ordered something and then had to report it was contaminated with a Kerosine-like hydrocarbon. No loss of customer. 'Just one o' the last that care 'nuff to say something. Next time will be better, right ?
Robert L
Robert L
Great company, great products and great customer service!! Thank you for always shipping so quickly!!
Justin Olinger
Justin Olinger
This is by far my favorite online Peptide vendor that supplies premium Peptides.
Marvin Bedsaul
Marvin Bedsaul
Very good quality, have only ordered once but plan on ordering again very soon!
Serop Babikian
Serop Babikian
To be clear I’ve tried every place there is basically. Purerawz literally takes a month if you get anything at all. Biotechpeptides makes the best peptides quality wise, hands down. Peptidessciences is Chinese standard stuff sold like it’s gold. Blue sky peptides is the closest to this, and they fell off years ago. Seriously bluesky is literally the worst quality. Now there’s peptidesforsale. I’ve been w these guys for awhile. Only site I know where if you complain they actually look into it. Peptides are great quality. The chems are legit. The caber worked for me. Letro gave me cracking joints cause I thought it was fake lol. Everything has checked out and they give out amazing g coupons to their loyal customers. This is my go to. I only go to biotech for specific things but everything else these guys.
L Pugh
L Pugh
Great company with great products. Super fast, discreet, and reliable.

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